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A 'We have the motivation and strive everyday to find simple and fast solutions to getting your vehicle protected or getting your vehicle back on the road. Our job is to protect you from the financial and emotional stress brought on by costly repairs. AutoWarranty HQ wants you to start enjoying true peace of mind. Keeping all these in mind,

What is a Vehicle Service Contract? A Vehicle Service Contract which is commonly referred to as an Auto Warranty, is an agreement between you and the service contract administrator to repair or replace parts that might fail on your vehicle. Typically, all new cars come with a warranty from the manufacture for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles. Whichever comes first. After the manufacture warranty expires, if any parts fail whether mechanical or electrical, you are responsible to pay out of your pocket for the parts and labor. There are ways to avoid paying for covered auto repairs. You can extend the life of your vehicle with an AutoWarranty HQ Service Contract. Our vehicle service contracts are built to cover mechanical, basic electrical and high end electrical components on your vehicle..

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