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I went to school to study Fine Art with grand ambitions to pursue my love for oil painting. Little did I know I would fall in love with photography. I studied a mix of large format, medium format and 35mm film and still to this day hear my photography professor's words echo in my mind… ‘the difference between a good and bad photographer is 40 rolls of film…’
I took his words to heart and carried my dad's old 35mm Pentax around everywhere and spent countless all nighters hidden away in the timeless red light of the darkroom.

Candace, along with her husband, David, and their baby girl, Everly, are currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. When they are not travelling the globe to photograph their amazing clients, you may find them out for long runs together, spending lazy Sundays at the lake, enjoying family dinners with their enormous families, renovating their century old home, or in coffee shops dreaming up new adventures making this the first true generator on the Internet.

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